J-Term 2014 Topics Course Descriptions

J-Term 2014 Topics Course Descriptions





Term/Year Offered

Topics: Darkroom to Digital: An Exploration of Alternative Photographic Processes

ART 2994
CRN: 23331/23332
M-T-W-R 1:30-4:30pm Murrill J-Term 2014
In this course we will look at various events between the years 1500 and the present to consider how societies throughout the world met their individual needs and how these needs changed as a result of greater interaction between different societies.  To help us in this task, we will use the broad themes of travel and food to understand how and why global interaction and connectedness became so important in this time period.  The course will consider the period of exploration and conquest, the creation of empires, slavery, decolonization, war, disease, and the shifting dynamics of power along the way.  Readings will include autobiographies, memoirs, novels, and more traditional historical sources.  We will also look at the ways that some of the events are represented in film and music, and, since we will be talking about food, we will also share some food from around the world together.

Topics: Libraries and Sustainability

LIS 7962
CRN# 22490
T-R 5:30-7:30pm Cathcart/Wagner J-Term 2014
This course provides an overview of global librarianship focusing on sustainability issues affecting libraries worldwide, and integrates them with attendance and participation in the BOBCATSSS Conference 2014. Prerequisites: LIS 7010 or permission of the instructors.