Living Learning Communities

  • Thanksgiving Break (11/25–11/28) The RA staff will do...
  • Thanksgiving Break (11/25–11/28) The RA staff will do...
  • Thanksgiving Break (11/25–11/28) The RA staff will do...



Living Learning Communities


Living in a Living Learning Community (aka Theme Housing) is a great way to connect with other students around a common interest, build community and enhance your residential and academic experience.

SCAN Magazine features St. Kate's Living Learning Communities.

Options for 2015-16

Choose from a variety of theme housing and learning community options.

Sign Up Instructions

  • Current students going through Housing Sign Up 2015-16 should refer to the Living Learning Community Sign Up Instructions.
  • New students can sign up for a Living Learning Community by logging into My Housing, the online housing portal.¬†While completing the Housing & Dining Agreement and Application, on My Housing, you will be prompted to sign up for a Living Learning Community.

Learning Outcomes

In comparison to other students, residents involved and actively participating in learning communities will:

  • Achieve higher GPA's.
  • Participate in more major and career exploration opportunities.
  • Have higher retention rates to the University.
  • Develop more connections to faculty, staff, students, and alumnae.
  • Attend more programs and be more involved.
  • Report higher levels of satisfaction with both on-campus housing and the University.