Theme Housing

Theme Housing

Living on a Theme Housing floor is a great way to connect with other students around a common interest, build community and enhance your residential and learning experience.

First-Year Community

Global Awareness

Crandall Hall – The Global Awareness theme floor nurtures an understanding and appreciation of the arts, languages, contributions, and current events of global cultures through programming, faculty and staff involvement, and community living. Those participating in this theme community will have the opportunity to interact with faculty members across campus, learn about study abroad possibilities, practice language skills, and share interests with other community members. All first-year students are invited to participate! First-Year students that sign up for theme housing by June 1 will be placed before the general room selection and room assignment process.

Signing Up

  • Complete your Housing & Dining Agreement on My Housing by June 1. As you fill-out the Housing & Dining Agreement you will be prompted to select a Theme Housing Floor. If you have already completed your agreement and did not select a theme floor, you can still change your preferences through My Housing or contact our office.

Upper-Class Communities

Wellness and HealthCARE Learning Community

Rauenhorst Hall, 1st Floor – The Wellness & HealthCARE floor strives to empower participants by examining the health of women, including physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, environmental, and social health, creating an environment where women support each other in pursuing healthy lives, communities, and environments.

Antonian Honors Learning Community

Carondelet Housing – Participate in educational and social programs that support your participation in the Antonian Honors Program. Connect with other honor students who are committed to building community.  All official Antonian Honor students are invited to live on the Honors Floor.  Past activities include study nights, trips to local  theatres and museums, book discussions, and social activities.

American Sign Language Living-Learning Community (ASL-LLC)​

Carondelet  Housing – The ASL Living-Learning Community is a culturally and linguistically rich environment where students who know or are learning ASL live and learn together. Through active engagement in the programming and planning for the ASL floor, students further develop their linguistic and cultural competence. Students must have a basic ability, a desire to communicate in ASL and a commitment to participate in programming both on and off campus. The goal of the ASL LLC is to provide an environment in which students live and learn in a natural, dynamic communication setting. Students actively engage in the planning and implementation of programming and events that bring the Deaf Community to students and students to the Deaf Community.

Gryffindor Tower Learning Community​

Caecilian Hall, 4th Floor – This community is seamless pairing of Prof. Cecilia Konchar Farr's popular Literature course, Six Degrees of Harry Potter and the residential experience. Students must both live on the fourth floor of Caecilian and be registered for ENGL 2230 - a year long course. Priority placement will be given to sophomores (for 2012-13) but others may enroll in space is available. Refer to the participation agreement for more information and conditions.