RN-BS Degree Completion at St. Kate's

RN–BS Degree Completion at St. Kate's

If you're a nurse with an associate degree, now's the time to finish your B.S. degree at St. Catherine University, where you'll:

Our RN-BS program is fully accredited and admission is open to women and men.

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RNBS square woman cap_0.pngFinish your ​B.S. at St. Kate's — the leadership advantage

Healthcare systems, leaders in the nursing profession, and the Institute of Medicine have called on more nurses to complete their bachelor's and become leaders in improving patient care.

That's where St. Kate's nurses come in. Through RN-BS Degree Completion at St. Catherine University, you'll:

  • Be prepared to lead and influence initiatives to improve patient outcomes
  • Develop skills to work across cultures and in teams
  • Build meaningful relationships — you'll be supported and mentored
  • Increase your ability to implement evidence-based practice
  • Ground your work in ethics, social justice and liberal arts learning
  • Prepare to advance in a current or new position, pursue graduate study and advanced practice

After finishing your B.S. in Nursing, you can progress into St. Kate's master's programs (nurse practitioner, nurse educator) and the post-master's Doctor of Nursing Practice degree.

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