RN-BS Degree Completion at St. Kate's

RN–BS Degree Completion at St. Kate's

  • Advance your nursing career, improve your practice
  • Lead and influence — graduate with the ability to lead initiatives to improve patient outcomes 
  • Choose your learning format: fully online, or hybrid (face-to-face + online)
  • Transfer in your previous college experience — up to 100 credits
  • Get access to St. Kate's excellence — at affordable rates, with scholarships for nurses in partner healthcare systems
  • Move through the program in a timely way — complete your degree sooner
  • Move ahead with your profession — Institute of Medicine goal: 80 percent of nurses will have B.S. degrees by 2020 — and prepare for a master's degree
  • Admission open to women and men

Next steps:

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Finish your ​B.S. at St. Kate's — the leadership advantage

More than ever before, nurses are being called on to complete bachelor's degrees.  Healthcare systems, leaders in the nursing profession, and the Institute of Medicine have called on more nurses — up to 80% — to complete their bachelor's.   

Nurses are playing an ever more important role as our healthcare systems seek to improve care in a time of historic transformation.  Simply put, successul nurses need to become leaders in advancing their practice and improving patient care. 

That's where St. Kate's nurses come in. When you earn your bachelor's through St. Kate's RN-BS Degree Completion, you'll:

  • Be prepared to lead and influence — you'll graduate with the ability to lead initiatives to improve patient outcomes
  • Develop skills to work across cultures and in teams to improve patient outcomes
  • Build meaningful relationships — you'll be supported and mentored as part of a diverse student cohort
  • Increase your ability to implement evidence-based practice
  • Ground your work in ethics and mindful practice, through a rich learning experience informed by social justice and liberal arts learning
  • Prepare to advance in your current practice or into a new position, pursue graduate study and advanced practice, and secure your future

At St. Catherine University, the only college or university in the region to offer all levels of nursing education, some RN-BS Degree Completion progress into master's programs (nurse practitioner, nurse educator) and the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree.

Mentoring and support

Whether you're coming into the program directly from your associate nursing program, or returning to college after many years, St. Kate's is dedicated to helping you succeed in a supportive learning environment like no other.  Through mentoring from faculty, connections with other students in a close-knit community of learners, and a range of services for adult students, you'll get the assistance you need to succeed as a bachelor's-prepared nurse.

St. Kate’s commitment to nursing education

St. Catherine University established the Henrietta Schmoll School of Health in 2007, and the University has been educating nurses for well over a century. St. Kate's leadership and innovation in nursing education continues in the 21st cenury.

The Henrietta Schmoll School of Health has redoubled it's efforts to advance nurses through their educational and career pathways. The school now serves more nurses than ever in RN-BS Degree Completion, master's and doctoral nursing programs, and has partnered with leading healthcare systems to offer flexible, customized degree programs for their nurses.


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