Society of American Archivists, St. Catherine University Student Chapter


I. SAA Student Chapter meeting times

Need to decide between Thursday evenings or Saturdays after class. It was decided that Saturdays after class would work best since the majority of those in attendance are in Molly’s class and would already be on campus.

II. LIS Bulletin Board

Discussed the need to create interesting material for SAA section of the bulletin board in the LIS lounge.

Brainstorming and discussion resulted in the following ideas, which will be undertaken by the member in parentheses:

  • photos of noteworthy archives to promote interest in SAA and the archival profession (Michele Pollard)
  • student archivist of the month. specific set of questions to be answered by the selected student in an interview type format (Katie Dirkes)
  • SAA student chapter meeting schedule and events flyer/handout (Chris True)
  • need to list website somewhere on bulletin board so students can go there
  • there was consensus that we should use the bulletin board creatively and that some of the content could also be used on the website

III. Constitution Revisions: Per St. Kate’s SCO Office, the SAA Student Chapter must add the following two items the constitution:

A. It should be stated how often members are required to attend meetings under the Members section.

B. Under the Officers section, add information about the term of office for the organization’s advisor.

On the first point, there was discussion and consensus that the requirement will be that members need to attend a minimum of one meeting per semester. On the second point, we decided that the faculty advisor should be selected every August. Andrea Hoff will make these amendments and forward the revised constitution to the SCO Office.

IV. Elections: Need to decide when.

It was decided that nominations should take place at the second to last meeting of the academic year and that voting will take place at the last meeting of the academic year.

V. Website: Need to figure out who wants to lead the charge; or if we want to have it done by committee; also what type of content we would like to include.

Stephanie Rosso volunteered to create the website. Content will be created by members who volunteered to make contributions to the SAA section of LIS bulletin board. (See Section I. LIS Bulletin Board). The type of content we would like to feature on the website was discussed and brainstorming produced the following ideas:

  • Archivist of the month
  • Make website more like a blog
  • Alumnae updates
  • Make sure Molly always has access in case members leave/graduate

VI. Event planning: Need to decide what types of events to organize this semester.

Discussion produced several ideas and we selected the first two from the following list:

  1. SAA happy hour with T-CART
  2. Monday night LIS night – can bring in a T-CART panel, for example. Maybe come up with a topic that we might be interested in pursuing. Ideas: Job search; digital (get someone from MN Digital Libraries). Maybe combine panel to include professionals from digital archives and multi-media archives. Maybe Emily Davis from Walker?
  3. Volunteer for an organization for a long-term project (rather than a single event). Pick a community partner. Molly has lots of options. Summer time is a possibility. Could even make a student chapter poster for the SAA poster session in the future.
  4. National Archivist speaker – could be a good project to undertake in the future since we would need more time/money to plan this

FYI: LIS Department office has materials on event planning, which could be useful in the future.

VII. Announcements:

Upcoming events:

Walker SLA Tour – Sat. 3/15 at 2 pm. 1 hour tour with Jill. Email Lori Donovan to RSVP.

MAC Annual Meeting – April 42-26 Kansas City, MO

SAA Annual Meeting – August 10-16 Washington, DC

In attendance:

  • Molly Hazelton
  • Stephanie Rosso
  • Katie Dirkes
  • Deb Torres
  • Michele Pollard
  • Chris True
  • Teresa Tjepkes
  • Andrea Hoff
  • Kate McManus
  • Katie Warner
  • Allison Spies
  • Amelia Snetting

Thanks to all who attended!