Michelle Mullowney

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Michelle Mullowney


Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Billings, MT


Campus Activities:

St. Kate's Theater, Swing Club, CSJ - student alliance, French Club

On/Off Campus Job:

Admissions Ambassador, Student Building Coordinator for CDC

Most Embarrassing/Proudest Moment:

Most embarrassing and proudest moment  was when Nicole and I thought we would be "smart" and take the unfinished path around Dew Drop, resulting in us getting mud all over our clothes. Literally everywhere.

Favorite St. Kate's Memory:

Just chilling with my girls!

Favorite Place to Hang Out on Campus:

Dew Drop Pond

What I Like Best About Orientation:

Welcoming New Katies!

My Piece of Advice for Students:

Don't miss out on a cool new experience just because of pre-conceived expectations. De-conceive those expectations before you come to college!