Katie Urban

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Katie Urban


Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Glencoe, MN


Campus Activities:

Hip Hop Club, Fit for Life program

On/Off Campus Job:

On Campus: MAOL Assistant                   

Off Campus: Gould's Diamond and Jewelry Store (Glencoe, MN) 3M (Hutchinson, MN)

Most Embarrassing/Proudest Moment:

My proudest moment was getting through my first musical audition!

Favorite St. Kate's Memory:

Performing and practicing with hip hop club!

Favorite Place to Hang Out on Campus:

The Cafeteria - I'm there pretty much all day.

What I Like Best About Orientation:

Getting to meet new people!

My Piece of Advice for Students:

Be whoever you truly want to be! No body knows your past, now's the time to truly be yourself without worrying what people may think!