Katie Zarbock

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Katie Zarbock


Year: Junior

Hometown: Menomonie, WI


Campus Activities:

Social Dance Club President, Senate Official, Nutrition and Exercise Sports Science Club, CRU supporting officer

On/Off Campus Job:

On Campus: Anatomy and Physiology Teaching Assistant for Biology Department

Most Embarrassing/Proudest Moment:

One of my proudest experiences was being able to do an internship in France entirely in French!

Favorite St. Kate's Memory:

Shout out to St. Kate's day my first year. It was fun to see St. Kate's spirit all over campus, take pictures with my friends, and even make a Harlem Shake video with our building.

Favorite Place to Hang Out on Campus:

The left wing of the library for studying, Dew drop pond to walk by, the pulse for random chats, and our living room suite for hanging out!

What I Like Best About Orientation:

The chance to meet a wide variety of people and make new friends!

My Piece of Advice for Students:

Be open! You're in a new environment with new academic standards, new friends, and new ideas. If you open yourself up to these "news" your perspectives will expand, you will grow, and you'll have more fun than you every thought you could. You never know what person, class, food, club, or assignment is the best fit for you until you try. Your experience will be so much richer if you open your mind to all the "news" college has to offer.