Building Coordinator Employment Opportunity

  • The Student Center and Activities Department (SCA) ensures that...
  • The Student Center and Activities Department (SCA) ensures that...
  • The Student Center and Activities Department (SCA) ensures that...



Building Coordinator Employment Opportunity


The Student Building Coordinator is a key student leadership position within Coeur de Catherine and will serve as the lead person in overseeing the operation of the Coeur de Catherine Student Center when the Student Center and Activities Office staff is not present. Student Building Coordinators are primarily focused on security, situation management, and inspections of the Student Center facility for safety and maintenance. Student Building Coordinators will ensure smooth operation of the facility when the Student Center and Activities Office staff is not present and assist those within the Student Center in a professional manner.

Conditions for Application

  • Candidates must have and maintain a cumulative and semester grade point average of 2.5.
  • This position requires that the Building Coordinator will work 10-15 hours per week (this includes training, opening, University breaks, and closing).
  • Candidates must have a strong working knowledge of the campus and campus resources.
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills, customer services skills and troubleshooting skills are required.


  • To work cooperatively with other Building Coordinatorss, Information Center Manager and Assistant Manager, Information Center Assistants, Pulse Manager and Assistant Manager, Meeting and Events Services, Custodial Services, Security, Maintenance, and other paraprofessional staff within the Coeur de Catherine.
  • To continuously conduct rounds throughout the Coeur de Catherine and check-in with all events occurring within the building.
  • To assist in maintaining various public spaces within the building, including bulletin boards, game room, Pulse, and lounge areas.
  • To respond to emergencies within the facility and be trained in emergency procedures.
  • To have working knowledge of the AV systems within the facility (sound systems, lighting systems), ID system and card access system and be knowledgeable about the set up procedures and systems within Meeting and Events Office (for events within the Coeur de Catherine).
  • To confront situations that may arise in the building when Student Center and Activities staff members are no longer in the building.
  • To complete assigned paperwork and other administrative details in a thorough and timely manner.
  • To be responsible for assisting the professional staff with preparations for opening and closing of the building during break periods.
  • To secure the cash box keys into the safebox at the end of each day and assist the Information Center workers in securing the money each day.
  • To serve as a resource for Coeur de Catherine staff members and the University community in the absence of all Student Center and Activities Office professional staff members.
  • To be responsible for assisting with selection, training, and other duties as assigned by the professional staff members in the Coeur de Catherine.
  • To attend monthly building meetings.
  • To work on special projects as assigned by the professional staff and recommend student assistants with special skills for projects.
  • Be a liaison between the Student Center and Activities Office staff and student staff.
  • To be knowledgeable and assist in implementing new office procedures and policies when applicable.
  • To have knowledge of all office forms and related University policies.
  • To report security issues and fill out work orders when necessary.


  • To dress in a professional manner, in accordance with the dress standards to be set by the Student Center and Activities Office staff. This includes black pants, sensible shoes, and purple St. Kate's fleece.
  • To act as a role model and in a manner that complies with all University policies and procedures.
  • To keep all information confidential as necessary.
  • To fulfill all responsibilities outlined in the position description.
  • To act as a representative of the Student Center Staff in any matters of duties that may be assigned by the professional staff.
  • Be knowledgeable of student organization information, involvement opportunities, recognition procedures and employment.
  • To thoroughly understand the Information Center processes and procedures, and provide assistance to the Information Center staff.
  • To have necessary computer skills, be able to use the computer for administrative tasks, and have extensive knowledge of the St. Kate’s website.
  • To work evening, early morning, weekend, and holiday shifts as scheduled.
  • To use keys responsibly, as needed for different jobs within the student center.


  • Student Building Coordinators will be paid at an hourly rate of $9.00 per hour.