Commuter Advisor

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Commuter Advisor


Commuter Advisors serve incoming first year and transfer commuter students on St. Catherine University's St. Paul campus. The advisor will serve as a point of connectivity and guide for the incoming commuter students. Overall, the commuter advisor will assist the commuter student in finding community at St. Kate's. A CA must be energetic, flexible, and because of the nature of the program, hours worked per week will be flexible.

Job Description:

  • Maintain contact with an assigned group of incoming students
  • Organize and invite commuter students to  attend  existing campus events (once per week) with them
  • Direct students to resources on campus and answer questions that the students may have
  • Collect input from students about commuter needs
  • Manage the Commuter Facebook group and ensure that it is up to date
  • Meet bi-weekly with supervisor, which will include leadership development training for the commuter advisors
  • Collaborate with the commuter senators to put out a monthly electronic newsletter for students
  • Advisors will also perform other tasks as assigned by the student coordinator and supervisor.  


Commuter Advisors will also take part in welcoming incoming students during the orientation process.   During orientation the commuter advisors will plan and facilitate a commuter welcome program, where each advisor will meet with the incoming students they will be advising.  This will be done in collaboration with the other Commuter Advisors. This welcome will take place during the existing Commuter Information Session during fall semester Orientation as well as during Day Winter Registration/Orientation.  The commuter advisor will also identify one social event/program to invite new students to attend with them during the first weeks of each semester to connect with students, who may not have been at orientation.  

Commuter Advisors will attend training before the Fall First Year Orientation Program and throughout the fall semester. 


  • Ability to collaborate with others and work alone
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Current or previous commuter student
  • Previous experience in customer service or a similar area, especially working with diverse population
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the values and mission of SCU, and promote traditions, programs and resources
  • Maintain current knowledge of campus policies and information in order to direct students to appropriate resources when you are not able to assist
  • Demonstrate strong organization and time management skills
  • Keep regular office hours and contact with commuter students, along with promoting communication with commuter students
  • Commitment to serve for at least 1 full year


  • Leadership opportunity and skill development
  • Written communication and public speaking skill development
  • Opportunities to meet many new students