Coeur de Catherine

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The Coeur de Catherine is the student center of St. Kate's.

Coeur de Catherine

The Story of Coeur de Catherine

At the heart of St. Catherine University - St. Paul campus, poised above the Dew Drop Pond, connected to Our Lady of Victory Chapel and embracing the former St. Joseph Hall and the library, Coeur de Catherine commands attention. The new student center and learning commons, which was officially dedicated October 3, 2004, heralds the University’s second century much as Derham Hall signaled the beginning of St. Catherine’s first century when it was built 100 years ago on a hill overlooking the intersection of Cleveland and Randolph Avenues.

Coeur de Catherine, whose name means “Heart of Catherine,” was designed to link the spiritual, intellectual and social life of the University. Funded by Leadership in Mind, the $80 million Campaign for the College of St. Catherine, the building project combined extensive renovations of existing campus structures with a new construction. The result is an inviting space that incorporates the former St. Joseph Hall and former library and is linked to the Chapel. Students, faculty and staff gather within its walls for meetings, classes, dining, shopping, studying, celebrating and more.

Places and Resources in the Coeur de Catherine

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