• The Student Center and Activities Department (SCA) ensures that...
  • The Student Center and Activities Department (SCA) ensures that...
  • The Student Center and Activities Department (SCA) ensures that...




Senate Organizational Affairs Committee

Club chartering is overseen by the Senate Organizational Affairs Chairs in conjunction with the Student Center and Activities Office.

Each academic year, two students are interviewed and selected to serve on Senate as the Organizational Affairs Co-Chairs.  Their role is to:

  • Ensure that the chartering process of current and new student groups runs smoothly.
  • Plan and implement semesterly meeting for student organization officers.
  • Keep student organizations up to date with policy information regarding event planning, club accounts, etc.
  • Serve as liaison for clubs at all Senate meetings.

The Chair is a great sources of information regarding student organizations and can be contacted via email.  The 2015-2016 Organizational Affairs Chair is Biftu Bussa (

If you would like to attend a Senate meeting and see the Organizational Affairs Chair in action, meetings take place in the CdC Rauenhorst Ballroom or Student Organization Center Tuesdays during the academic year at  noon.

Student Group Benefits

Chartered student clubs and organizations do reap the benefits!

  • Student Organization Center recourses- Click the Student Organization Center tab at the top of the page for more details!
  • Free and low cost publicity materials through SCA such as posters and button makers!
  • Budget account number that will allow you to:
    • Use the copy machine in the Student Organization Center and outside the post offce.  
    • Cut checks for purchases, deposit funds, use the University purchase order system, and receive monthly balance reports all through the Business Office.
    • Charge purchases to your account in the Bookstore, Marketplace and Document Services.
    • Receive a Bookstore discount!
  • Receive $135 for club use per semester from Senate!
  • Reserve CdC atrium tables, banner space, floor windows and display cases with the SCA Office to share information about your organization and advertise events.
  • Informational e-mails and meetings updating organizations on policy and best practices.


Questions about policies and procedures?  Need suggestions on how to run an organization?

The handbook below is a collection of information for student leaders running organizations at St. Kate's.

 Student Organization Handbook »

Have questions that weren't answered in the Handbook?  Email your questions here!

Existing Club/Re-Charter

Every student group on campus must charter their organization EVERY academic year.

The online process starts (typically in early April) and ends in the spring.

Annual Chartering Process

1.  The link to online re-chartering will be available from the Student Center and Activities Office and the Kateway Update.
2.  Once submitted and the spring deadline passes, the online forms will be reviewed  and organizations re-chartering will be taken to Senate for a recommendation.
3.  Once recommended by Senate, re-charters are reviewed by Curt Galloway on behalf of the University.
Questions about the chartering process?  Contact us.

New Club/New Charter

If you are unable to find an organization on campus that matches your interests, Student Center and Activities is happy to help you start your own organization.

When applying for a new charter, how the organization fits into the St. Kate's mission is always considered:

At all degree levels, St. Catherine integrates liberal arts and professional education within the Catholic tradition, emphasizing intellectual inquiry and social teaching, and challenging students to transformational leadership. Committed to excellence and opportunity, St. Catherine University develops ethical, reflective and socially responsible leaders, informed by the philosophy of the women’s college and the spirit of the founders.

Process for New Charters

1.  New charters are always welcome to begin completing the paperwork at any time during the year. New charter paperwork is only accepted at the beginning of each academic year. Deadlines change yearly (typically the middle of October), but will be announced on Kateway, the SCA Office and Student Organization Center.  
To begin the chartering process of a new club, please contact Jenny Steiner at
2.  Complete New Charter paperwork.  Paperwork is always available in the SCA Office and Student Organization Center. At the beginning of the year, it will also be available on the Kateway Daily Update.
3.  Create a constitution for your organization to follow. Below is a model constitution to work from.
4.  Choose an advisor.  An advisor must be a current faculty or staff member at St. Kate's. Choose an advisor who is passionate about your organization's purpose and is able and willing to devote their time. Your advisor should submit a letter with your chartering paperwork. The letter should include:
  • Statement of support for organization to be chartered.
  • Explanation of how the organization will support and add to the St. Kate's community.
  • Statement that advisor is willing to assist and support organization's endeavors.
5.  Submit completed chartering paperwork, constitution and a letter of support to the SCA Office. Once submitted, the Senate Organizational Affairs Co-Chairs will review the paperwork and contact the organization to meet and discuss constitution, make suggestions for changes, and explain student organization benefits.
6.  Once the final draft of the constitution is accepted, new organizations are taken to Senate for a chartering recommendation.
7.  Once recommended by Senate, Curt Galloway signs the charters on behalf of the University.

Senate Constitution Bylaws