Club Resources

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Club Resources

Advisor Resources

 Find the information you need to successfully advise your organization.


Discover what is required to start a club, re-charter a club, and access any and all paperwork needed.

Club Leader Handbook

Find answers to your questions!

End of Year Club Awards

Learn about each of the award categories and questions asked on the nomination so you can copy and paste your response right into the form.

Event Planning

Is your club looking to plan an event? Find out how to coordinate a successful event.


What information do you need to know to get reimbursed, pay a performer or deposit money into your club account.


Learn how to secure funds for your clubs event.

Leadership Transition

Get information on best practices for transitioning officers of a student club

Members and Meetings

Check out all the great resources below for your student organizations. Most of this information is covered at the semesterly Organization meeting or requested by student leaders.


There are many ways to publicize your club, org, or event in the CdC. Take a look and fill out the form!

Student Organization Center

The Student Organization is available to all club and organization members. Find out all that it has to offer!


Interested in ordering apparel? Want a DJ for your event?