Multicultural Clubs

  • The Student Center and Activities Department (SCA) ensures that...
  • The Student Center and Activities Department (SCA) ensures that...
  • The Student Center and Activities Department (SCA) ensures that...



Multicultural Clubs

This listing is a small selection of our chartered groups on campus. This listing focuses on clubs that support a specific population of students typically relating to cultural or ethnic background.

African Student Association (ASA)

ASA provides current students with a forum for ideas and common interests. The main goal is to allow students to organize social and cultural events that pertain to African culture.

Asian Women's Association (AWA)

The St. Catherine University Asian Women's Association represents the interests of Asian students on campus, educates and promotes awareness of Asian cultures, issues and perspectives to the university community and builds a supportive network for Asian students. Questions? E-mail AWA at

Black Student Association (BSA)

The Black Student Association unites all black students on campus and provides an environment to discuss issues affecting black students at the University and the entire community at large.

Latina Student Association (LSA)

LSA provides a system of support for Latina students, brings greater awareness of issues concerning Latina students, and offers service to the broader Latina/o community of the Twin Cities.

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

MSA provides a community of support, services, activities and interaction to all Muslim student attending SCU. E-mail MSA at

People Respecting Identity Differences and Equality (PRIDE)

People Respecting Identity Differences and Equality diminishes fears and dispels myths associated with homosexuality as a form of sexual orientation or identity by promoting knowledge, familiarity and understanding of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues.

SHE Pab: Voices of Hmong Women

The mission of this club is to promote Hmong culture, language, arts, and history. The purpose of this organization is to enhance cultural awareness through community service, events, and collaborations.

St. Catherine International Student Organization (SCISO)

SCISO is a coalition group for international students at SCU. It encourages respect and understanding for cross-cultural and international backgrounds.

Women of Color

Women of Color celebrates and fosters an appreciation of diversity through the creation of a safe and supportive environment. The group strives to educate themselves, the community and sisters of all ages.