Social Clubs

Social Clubs

This listing is only a selection of the chartered clubs on campus. The groups in this listing may overlap with other listings, but state social and personal interest in their purposes.

Active Minds

Active Minds works to de-stigmatize mental health disorders by promoting open, enlightened discussion of mental health, and to create a better life for all who suffer. This organization fights the stigma around mental health disorders, and educates, enlightens, and empowers all young adults to ensure their own mental health.

Advocating for Animals

Advocating for Animals works for the benefit of animals by promoting the respectful well being of animals so they can live a life away from maltreatment.  No one is discriminated against regardless of what they choose to eat.

Artist's Coalition

The Artist's Coalition promotes and encourages student involvement in the arts on campus.

Catholic Katie's

Catholic Katie's provides a forum for students to explore, strengthen, and celebrate their Catholic identities and/or spirituality by offering appropriate programming and opportunities to connect with other Catholics and those interested in Catholicism.

Clay Club

The Clay Club reaches out to St. Kate's by providing access to clay activities on campus, reaching out to the arts community at large, providing a venue for inviting artists to share their experiences, and offering a venue to use clay as a vehicle to support community service projects.

Colleges Against Cancer

Colleges Against Cancer is a collaboration of students dedicated to fighting cancer, volunteering for the American Cancer Society and supporting programs of the American Cancer Society such as Relay for Life.


CRU works to form a community of believers on the campus through outreach and establishing personal relationships with others by helping them connect faith with life through Christian fellowship.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

FCA enriches the community by encouraging support and serving others on campus. In and outside of an academic context, FCA holds high standards to strice to excel in every area of life, with knowledge of God's Word and application through characteristics of integrity, serving, teamwork, and excellence.

Food Justice Coalition

To educate and organize for a just food community through educating the campus about how animals are treated and how to make more compassionate food choices.

Kate’s Green Party

The Kate’s Green Party seeks to organize and educate peers and communities, advocate to elected officials for substantial legislative action, encourage participation in local, state, and national elections, and provide access to, and education of, local and national candidates and elected officials that espouse the 10 Key Values.

Katie Buddies

Katie Buddies pairs people with intellectual disabilities in one-to-one friendships with St. Kate's students.  Katie Buddies has hosted hayrides, trips to Chuck-E-Cheese, fundraisers, parties, and attended plays with their buddy.

Katie Conservatives

This club is to promote conservative and Republican principles among students at St. Kate's, to provide a forum for discussion, to aid in the election of Republican and conservation candidates at all levels of government and to develop strong leaders and political skills.

Katie's Hip-Hop Club

The Katie's Hip-Hop Club engages students and brings awareness, appreciation and practice of verbal and non-verbal forms of hip hop culture.

Lambda Sigma Tau

Lambda Sigma Tau is a social/service group dedicated to serving the college community, developing in the bonds of sisterhood and enhancing leadership skills.

Mindfulness Club

The purpose of this club is to connect and engage the St. Catherine University community in exploring mindfulness practice through meditation and yoga. To introduce community practice as well as support individual practice of mindfulness through a variety of resources, guided meditation, mindful movement, guest teachers and shared experience

Minnesota Public Interest Research Group (MPIRG)

MPIRG is a statewide, student-directed nonpartisan advocacy group focusing on social justice, environmental, women's rights and consumer protection issues.

Out of State Club

The purpose of this club is to network and build a community for out of state students attending St. Kate's. This club plans activities that explore the Twin Cities and will promote bonding and support so that out of state students can still feel at home at St. Kate's.

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

RHA acts as a voice for resident students and focuses on programming within the residence halls.

SCU Tabletop Gaming Club 

To provide an opportunity for members to gather and bond through all forms of gaming, including board games, card games, dice games, and role playing games. By playing games together, we will both strengthen our friendships and our minds, by utilizing our creativity, reasoning, and logic skills.

Social Dance Club

The Social Dance Club promotes swing dancing as a physical and social outlet for St. Kate's students by facilitating access to dance lessons, primarily swing and varied swing dance events in the Twin Cities.  

Students for Education Reform (SFER)- St. Kate's

To close the K-12 achievement gap by cultivating the next generation of St. Kate's leaders in education reform through advocacy work on campus and in the community.

Students Who Are Parents (SWAP)

SWAP provides a resource point and informal support for parents who are students.  Members of the group learn about both University and community resources that can address their specific needs.  SWAP meets regularly on Tuesdays over the free hour to encourage social interaction and share resources.

UNICEF at St. Kate's

The goal of this organization is to provide St. Kate's students the opportunity to raise issues concerning the troubles children in underdeveloped and developing countries face. To provide members the opportunity to promote the well-being and survival of children across the globe through events and to offer students a wide array of leadership opportunities.

Volunteers in Action (VIA)

VIA is a group of students constituted to volunteer their time and energy to assist social service agencies throughout the Twin Cities in various volunteer opportunities (i.e. People Serving People, Hope Community, tutoring and other opportunities through Catholic Charities).