Event Planning

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Event Planning

Programming is a key element of any student organization. Whether you are programming for only members or a broader audience, successful programs require careful planning.

Feel free to consult with Student Center and Activities staff at any step of the way.  We are a great resource and eager to support you!

Event Planning Process and Checklist

Your club has an idea for an event?  What's next?

Start with the Event Planning Checklist, a more in-depth, step by step look at event planning.

The key to a great event is to plan ahead!

1. Create a realistic budget with actual cost estimates.  Use the budget worksheet to help estimate costs.
2. Secure the performer(s) or speaker that you want. Remember whether or not you are paying a performer, always have them complete a Contract. To pay a performer, you will need to submit a completed contract and W-9 (if they have not performed on campus before) with your check request.
3.  Reserve the perfect space. All reservations are made through Meeting and Event Services or The Pulse.
  • Use the MES website to check out space descriptions to find the perfect location for your event!
  • Submit the MES Space Request Form, to reserve the space you chose- available on Kateway
  • Submit The Pulse Reservation Form to the SCA Office to reserve The Pulse.
4. Start to develop publicity such as fliers and banners.
5. Submit the Publicity Reservation Request for all CdC publicity.

Securing Funding

1. Create a budget first so you know how much money you need to raise.
2. Fundraise! Click here to learn more about fundraising on campus.
3. Collaborate with other student organizations or department.  Click here to get the full list of currently chartered organizations. Contact bmberg@stkate.edu to contact other student organizations
4. Apply for funding from Senate, E|W|O Board or Graduate Student Advisory Board based on the population of student you are targeting.  Information on the funding process for governing boards is available on Kateway.

Publicizing an Event

Get the word out around campus!  Here is a list of where posters can be hung around campus.

To publicize in the CdC, complete the Publicity Request Form and select the publicity options you want.

The Pulse

The Pulse is a versatile space on campus that houses a variety of events.

With food service 7 days a week from 11am - 10pm, this comfortable and relaxed space adds to the vibrancy on campus.

Reserving the Pulse

Once received, you will receive an email confirmation from The Pulse Student Coordinator confirming the date and requesting a time to meet and review the event details.

The Pulse has two monthly programming series' - The Pulse Unplugged and Saturday Cinema.


Planning to have food at an on campus event?  Here are some things to consider:

1.  Sodexo has an exclusive catering contract with St. Kate's.  This means that there are few exceptions to ordering outside food (food not prepared by Sodexo) for events on campus.
2.  Is your event "opened" or "closed"?
  • An open event means that you are advertising to the entire campus and possibly the general public.  Open events must order catering from Sodexo.
  • A closed event means that only club members are invited to the event such as a club meeting.  Closed events may order and serve outside food.

Planning to hold a fundraising such as a bake sale?

1.  Don't forget to complete a Fundraising Form and request an atrium table with a Publicity Reservation Form.  To find these forms and get help completing them, click here.
2. Bake sales include a few guidelines for serving food:
  • Individually wrap each item (baggies or saran wrap are perfect).  Items should be wrapped before purchase.
  • Have ingredients on hand for each item you are selling as customers may have questions about food allergies.
  • Clearly label anything made with nuts "Contains Nuts".
3.  Are you serving food that must remain hot or cold until served?  If so, be sure to come up with a plan by either using coolers or chafing dishes to keep at the proper temperature.  If you need help developing a plan, feel free to contact the Student Center and Activities Office Coordinator, Bre Berg (bmberg@stkate.edu).
4.  Not following the above guidelines could result in a fundraiser being postponed and rescheduled.

Purchase Reimbursements

Reimbursement Process:

1. Submit your receipts and reimbursement form (found in the SCA office) to the SCA Office with signatures from the organization advisor and President/Co-Chair or Treasurer signatures.
2. Please tape your receipts to a piece of paper and staple paper to the reimbursement form. The receipt or invoice should prove that the items were paid for, what items were purchased and that you paid for them. In other words, credit card receipts should show that you are the owner of the card.

**The University does not refund the purchase of gift cards!  Rather than purchasing a gift card as a thank you for a performer or event prize, choose an item that is the value you want and offer the gift receipt if the item needs to be exchanged.

Receipt Requirements:

  • The receipt should show the form of payment. If you receive an invoice without payment confirmation, return it to the company and request something be added.
  • When at a restaurant, return both the itemized receipt and credit card receipt because your name is attached to the card on that receipt.
  • When paying with a check whenever possible have your name and check number added to the receipt/invoice.
  • We will and can reimburse you for the tax on your purchases.

Where do the forms go after they are submitted?

1. Your account balance is verified
2. The form and information you submitted is checked over and you are contacted if it is not complete.  Once checked and complete, the form is initialed.
3. The SCA Director reviews all forms once initialed-all club requests require her signature!  If the form is still incomplete, you are contacted and the form is not signed until completed.
4. The form goes to the Business Office for approval and processing.
5. Checks are cut weekly-typically arriving Thursday afternoon. Forms are typically sent to the Business Office at the end of each week for next week's processing. Use this information to best plan when you need to submit your forms!

Cash and Check Requests

Please request cash or check for all group expenses so you are not paying out of pocket. It can take longer to reimburse you than to request a check!

Requesting Cash from your Account

  • Request cash when your purchase can not be totaled until you arrive to the store and receive the purchase-like dinner out, a Target run, etc.
  • Be mindful of the amount you are requesting. You need to be able to justify the amount requested.  Submit a shopping basket print screen from an online store or request an invoice from the company you are purchasing from (for instance, a restaurant).
  • Requesting cash requires a completed cash/check form submitted to the SCA Office and your ID to pick up the cash from Student Accounts
  • Please submit this form to the SCA Office at least 1 full week prior to when cash is needed.
  • Once you make your purchase, you must submit all original receipts to the SCA Office (receipts should be taped to paper) and any remaining change to be deposited into your account.
  • If you have funds leftover, an account deposit is made at Student Accounts, deposit slips can be picked up at student accounts or the SCA Office.
  • Cash/Check Request Forms and Deposit Forms are available in the SCA Office.

Requesting a Check from your Account

  • Request a check whenever something you purchase requires negotiation of the price or lead time between ordering/reserving and receiving, such as t-shirt designs, performers and speakers.
  • This requires a completed cash/check form, invoice or contract and W-9 submitted to the SCA Office
  • Blank W-9s and contracts are available here! It is a good idea to have a contract for even a free performer or lecturer to ensure you are both agreeing on the same date, time and performance.
  • Once you request a check the first time, the vendor or performer’s W-9 remains on file and the next check is easier to cut.
  • When the check is cut, it will be delivered to the SCA Office. You will be contacted when it is available for pickup!

Where do the forms go after they are submitted?

  • Your account balance is verified
  • The form and information you submitted is checked over and you are contacted if it is not complete. Once checked and complete, the form is initialed.
  • The SCA Director reviews all forms once initialed -- all club requests require her signature! If the form is still incomplete, you are contacted and the form is not signed until completed.
  • The form goes to the Business Office for approval and processing.
  • Checks are cut weekly-typically arriving Thursday afternoon. Forms are typically sent to the Business Office at the end of each week for next week's processing. Use this information to best plan when you need to submit your forms!

Using the Student Center and Activities Club Credit Card

**The Student Center and Activities Office is for chartered student group use only.

Consider using the card for t-shirt purchases, conference registrations, online orders, etc.
Use of the card requires the same permission as requesting a check or cash.  You must have approval from your treasurer (or another officer if you do not have a treasurer) and your advisor.
Share all the information necessary for the Assistant Director, Student Center and Activities to make the purchase or set up a time to meet in the SCA Office and make the purchase.
Once the purchase is made, the charge will go directly to your club account!

Depositing Money

Once you have collected money from a fundraiser or dues from your membership, your organization will need to deposit that money into their account. Deposits can be made at Student Accounts- Derham Hall 229A. Deposit slips are available in the SCA Office and at Student Accounts.

Here are tips from Student Accounts when making deposits:

1.  Prepare an itemized list of the checks and cash that are included in the deposit.
2.  Fill out the 3-part (carbon copy) deposit slip as completely as possible.
3.  Include the complete budget number of the organization on the deposit slip.  There is no specific location on the slip for the budget number.  Please write it at the top of the form.
4.  Have the deposit signed and dated by the faculty/ staff advisor of the student organization. There is no specific location on the slip for this signature.  Please have them sign along the bottom.
5.  Put all cash and checks, in order of the itemized list, in a sealed envelope and attach deposit slip to envelope.
6.  Hand deliver the deposit to Student Accounts.
7.  All deposits that include personal checks should be prepared and delivered to Student Accounts within the same week that they are received.
Student Accounts hours:
Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
E|W|O Saturdays, 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.