First Year Orientation Leaders

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First Year Orientation Leaders

Meet the 2015 Orientation Leaders!

One or two Orientation Leaders will be assigned to your Orientation group, which is based on your TRW (The Reflective Woman) class.

Your Orientation Leader(s) will contact you over the summer via email, Facebook or mail.  Feel to contact them with any questions you may have about Orientation or St. Kate's in general.  

Adrianah Trevino-Gartner150.jpg

Adrianah Trevino-Gartner

Alison Phelan.JPG

Alison Phelan

Beth Zimmerli.jpg

Beth Zimmerli

Catherine Denise Tejada.JPG

Cathrine Tejada

Danielle Chalifoux.jpg

Danielle Chalifoux

Emaan Soliman.jpg

Emaan Soliman

Emelia Mayoral.jpg

Emely Mayoral

Emily Elsner.JPG

Emily Elsner

Emily Fiske.jpg

Emily Fiske

Erika Janorschke.jpg

Erika Janorschke

Gabrielle Vincent.jpg

Gabby Vincent

Haley Mueller.jpg

Haley Mueller

Hannah Johnson.JPG

Hannah Johnson


Ikram Koliso

Juliana Hillstrom.JPG

Jaie Biederman

Jessica Rosenau.jpg

Jessica Rosenau


Karen Herrera

Kate Becker.jpg

Katelyn Becker

Katie Tholke.JPG

Katie Tholke

Katie Urban.jpg

Katie Urban

Katie Zarbock.jpg

Katie Zarbock

Keanna Turner.jpg

Keanna Turner

Lindsey Urban.jpg

Lindsey Urban

Miata Lee.jpg

Maita Lee

Megan Thoemke.jpg

Megan Thoemke

Muna Scekomar.jpg

Muna Scekomar

Nicole Chimbetete.JPG

Nicole Chimbetete

Nora Vonnegut.jpg

Nora Vonnegut

Odilia Mentari.jpg

Odilia Mentari


Panra Yang


Rochelle Vincent

Sadia Farah.jpg

Sadia Farah

Sarah Haglund.jpg

Sarah Haglund

Sophia Niemeyer.JPG

Sophia Niemeyer

Viviana Montenegro Cortez.JPG

Viviana Montenegro Cortez

Whitney Moore.jpg

Whitney Moore

Zoey Armstrong.jpg

Zoey Armstrong