• The Student Center and Activities Department (SCA) ensures that...
  • The Student Center and Activities Department (SCA) ensures that...
  • The Student Center and Activities Department (SCA) ensures that...




Fundraising is an excellent way for your chartered club or organization to earn necessary funds to support your events, conferences, or to purchase supplies/equipment for your group.

St. Kate's recognizes the need of student organizations to fundraise for projects not funded through the Senate allocation process. The guidelines and policies regarding fundraising are intended  to help organizations be successful in their fundraising efforts by  providing a system within which to work and to establish a relationship with the University's Office of Development and Student Center and Activities.

Funding Possibilities

The Student Advancement Fund (SAF)

SAF available for students who would like to put on an event or attend a conference that will be beneficial to St. Catherine University Students, as well as the St. Catherine University community. SAF is sponsored by the Senate and St. Kate’s Activity Team (SKAT).  Through this SAF, the Senate and SKAT are able to fund groups and individuals that would like to participate in conferences or put on events (dances, performances, speakers, concerts, panels, etc…) that will be beneficial to the St. Catherine University community and the University’s students.  The Senate and SKAT allocate a portion of the funding they receive from the $140 Day student activity fee to SAF.  More information »

Graduate Student Advisory Board (GSAB) Funding Opportunities

Funding opportunities are available for current St. Catherine University graduate students for leadership development, academic enrichment related to their educational experience at St. Catherine University, and to support groups as well as individual endeavors that will better graduate students, and/or the SCU community. These funding opportunities exist through the activity fee. Any graduate student who pays the activity fee can request funds as long as they are used to benefit graduate students and enhance the student experience. All applications will be considered and selected by the GSAB. Individuals who are employees of the college and are graduate students are eligible for funding opportunities, but are asked to check with their departments first to see if professional development monies are available for their funding need. More Information »

E|W|O Development Grant Opportunities

This grant is intended to provide current Weekend College undergraduate students with an opportunity to participate in a local, state or national conference or seminar for leadership development and academic enrichment related to their educational experience at St. Catherine University. More information (PDF)»

Club and Org Fundraising Form

Fundraising is an excellent way for your chartered club or organization to earn necessary funds to support your events, conferences, or to buy supplies/equipment for your group. Chartered clubs and organizations may sponsor fundraising activities only after contacting and receiving approval from the Student Center and Activities office. All fundraising activities must be consistent with the mission of St. Catherine University and the chartered club/organization’s purpose and comply with all local, state, and Federal laws. More information (PDF)»

Raising Funds

All fundraisers must be registered with the Student Center and Activities Office. This includes any event an organization holds that is raising money for themselves or a donation for an off campus nonprofit organization.

Fundraising Process

1. Complete and submit the Fundraising Form to the SCA Office.
  • Trouble completing the Fundraising Form? Click here for a form including explanations.
  • Fundraisers require approval before advertising posted. Once paperwork is submitted, expect to sit down with or have an e-mail dialouge with the Assistant Director for approval.
2. If your organization is hosting a bake sale or serving other types of food to raise money, click here to learn more.
3. If your organization is raising funds for an off campus nonprofit, you also need to submit a letter of support from that nonprofit. The letter or email should include:
  • Proof of their nonprofit, 501c3 status. This can be attached separately from the letter/email if their website has proof of their status.
  • Acknowledgement of the collaboration with the student organization and the donation that will be made.
4. To solicit monetary, service or material donations from local businesses, a list of businesses must be submitted with the fundraising form. The list is approved by the Development Office.  Approval is based on where the University as a whole is soliciting from.
  • Please start this process one month before your event date
  • Keep track of the donated items and after that event, please share that information with Bre Berg at
  • Don't forget to send thank-you cards to the businesses that donated!
5. To fundraise for another organization with a donation box, please submit a completed Fundraising Form, letter/e-mail of support from the outside organization and a Special Request Form. The Special Request Form can be found the SCA Office.
6. Once your fundraiser is approved, start advertising. Information on how to reserve publicity options in the CdC and around campus are available here!

Gift Card Purchases

Recently, the University has put new guidelines into effect regarding the purchase of gift cards.

  • Gift cards can not be purchased to pay anyone whether student, faculty, staff or general public for their work.  This includes a thank you for work that was done for free.
  • Gift cards should not be purchased as prizes for events or thank yous to speakers, etc.
    • If a gift card is purchased by a student organization, the business office will not reimburse it using University funds.
    • A gift card donated by a business or individual can be used as a prize or thank-you.
  • The best option is to purchase a tangible item for a prize or thank you then give the recipient the gift receipt.  This way, the recipient can return the item for something different if they prefer.

Ideas and Resources

  • Silent auction with donated items
  • Businesses donating a percentage of profits for an evening or donate to your organization for volunteering your time (Baker’s Square, Cold Stone, Sports team concessions, Nikolodeon Universe)
  • Garage/Rummage sales
  • Ticket sales for admission to event
  • Cookbooks sales- recipes are from group members
  • Sport tournaments- charge to enter
  • Singing telegrams
  • Guessing games- how many jelly beans in a jar
  • Tutoring for the University or local HS students- Does your department already offer free tutors?
  • Plant/Flower  sales
  • Dance-a-thon
  • Chili cook off - Sell tickets to enter recipe

Use this power point to help your organization plan their fundraisers »


Are you fundraising for your student organization or another organization (ex. Habitat for Humanity)?  You must complete the Fundraising Form »

Having trouble filling out the form? How to fill out the Fundraising Form »

Donation Boxes

Are you planning to collect items for a non profit organization using a donation box?

You must complete both the Fundraising Form and the Special Request Form (found in the SCA Office).