First-Year Orientation Coordinator Employment Opportunity

  • The Student Center and Activities Department (SCA) ensures that...
  • The Student Center and Activities Department (SCA) ensures that...
  • The Student Center and Activities Department (SCA) ensures that...



First-Year Orientation Coordinator Employment Opportunity


The Orientation Student Coordinator is an integral part of the fall Orientation program.  By training the Orientation Student Staff and helping new students and their families make a positive transition to St. Catherine University, the Orientation Student Coordinator position allows a student to make a meaningful contribution to the University.  The Coordinator will also gain invaluable skills relating to communication, accountability, and self awareness.

Overall Responsibility

To facilitate the successful transition of new students to St. Catherine University and to assist in the coordination of administrative processes for the Fall Orientation program and the training and development of the Orientation Student Staff.  The Orientation Student Coordinator reports directly to the Assistant Director Student Center and Activities.

Specific responsibilities/obligations of the Orientation Student Coordinator include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Serve as a role model for the Orientation Student Staff.
  • Assist in training and development of the Orientation Student Staff.
  • Coordinate components of First Year Registration
  • Provide on-site assistance and supervision of the Orientation Student Staff throughout the Fall Orientation.
  • Participate in all training and Orientation activities.
  • Facilitate group discussions and icebreakers, serve as a sources of campus information for Orientation student staff, new students and their families
  • Coordinate Orientation student staff with the TRW sections and daily responsibilities.
  • Maintain a positive working attitude when interacting with all Orientation Committee members, Orientation Student Staff, faculty, staff, and students.
  • Display a professional and courteous image as a student representative of the University.
  • Serve as a campus leader, conducting yourself in accordance with all SCU policies and procedures.
  • Understand and respect the confidentiality of information such as phone numbers and addresses.
  • Coordinate the prize donation solicitation process
  • Assemble and design ball manuals, postings, signage, and Orientation folders with Assistant Director of Student Center and Activities.   
  • Assist in the evaluation and wrap-up of the Orientation program including making recommendations for future programs.
  • Realize that Orientation is a dynamic program, which is constantly changing as issues arise, and that the Orientation Student Staff must work together to ensure it runs effectively.
  • Coordinate other duties and administrative processes relating to Orientation as assigned by the Assistant Director of Student Center and Activities


  • Must be a currently enrolled student at St. Catherine University.
  • Served as an Orientation Leader at St. Catherine University or have significant experience and understanding of the Orientation program at the University.
  • Have a genuine interest introducing new students to college.
  • Must be a dedicated, energetic, organized individual with excellent leadership and communication skills.
  • Must be reliable, responsible, flexible, attentive to detail and able to manage time well.
  • Must be able to take initiative and work independently.
  • Possess knowledge of SCU, its people, community and services.
  • Must be familiar with Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Have a commitment to fulfilling the responsibilities of the position.
  • Have maintained a minimum GPA of a 2.5.
  • Must be available approximately 20 hours per week in June and July, 40 hours per week August - Orientation and for the following dates:


  • Obtain training as a paraprofessional staff member.
  • Increase skill competencies in problem solving, independence and interdependence, goal orientation, organization, verbal and written communication, and public relations.
  • Gain new friendships within the Orientation Student Staff and new students.
  • Help the Orientation Student Staff feel prepared in their roles.
  • Receive $10/hour for work with Orientation program. Hours are somewhat flexible in June and July.