First-Year Orientation Leader Employment Opportunity

  • The Student Center and Activities Department (SCA) ensures that...
  • The Student Center and Activities Department (SCA) ensures that...
  • The Student Center and Activities Department (SCA) ensures that...



First-Year Orientation Leader Employment Opportunity


Orientation Leaders are role models as well as sources of support and information for new students.  They play a major role in facilitating the adjustment of new students and their families to the SCU community.  They share accurate information about academic, personal, and social resources while working collaboratively with faculty, professional staff, and student staff.  In helping new students make a positive transition to St. Kate’s, Orientation Leaders are creating and delivering the important first and lasting impression.

Overall Responsibility

Orientation Leaders facilitate the successful transition of new students to the St. Catherine University by strengthening and building connections between the new students and the University (faculty, staff, and students).  Orientation Leaders help build a sense of community and provide information that will assist the new students in succeeding inside and outside of the classroom on campus.

Specific responsibilities/obligations of the Orientation Leader include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Facilitate early affiliation with the University among new students and communicate with new students prior to Orientation.
  • Serve as a group facilitator during small group meetings and other Orientation programs.
  • Provide general information, and act as a referral resource.
  • Continue communication with new students throughout the fall semester (September–December) through monthly gatherings and activities.
  • Build a feeling of community and support among the Orientation groups and among the Orientation Student Staff.
  • Serve as a role model, mentor, guide, and friend to new students, parents, and fellow Orientation Student Staff members.
  • Respect and understand the concerns of new students.
  • Maintain a positive attitude and encourage a positive attitude in others.
  • Display a professional and courteous image as a representative of the St. Catherine University.
  • Take a leading role in programs and activities.
  • Know general information pertaining to the University and develop visual aids based on that knowledge.
  • Perform additional duties as required by the Assistant Director of Student Center and Activities.
  • Actively participate in all Orientation activities prior to when classes begin in the fall and on-going activities throughout the fall semester.
  • Assist in the evaluation of the Orientation program.
  • Understand that Orientation Leaders are crucial to the success of Orientation.
  • Abide by all SCU policies and procedures.
  • Realize that Orientation is a dynamic program, which is constantly changing as issues arise, and that the Orientation Student Staff must work together to ensure it runs effectively.


  • Have attended the St. Catherine University for one year at the conclusion of the 2013-2014 academic year.
  • Are a currently enrolled student at SCU.
  • Have a genuine interest in the new students’ introduction to college
  • Enjoy working with people.
  • Possess strong communication skill and have an ability to relate well to others.
  • Demonstrate a desire to learn and share knowledge about SCU, its people, community and services.
  • Display a willingness and enjoyment for helping and working with other people.
  • Demonstrate maturity and professionalism.
  • Be assertive, creative, responsible, flexible, and sociable.
  • Have maintained a minimum GPA of 2.0.
  • Must be available for the following dates: Orientation Spring Training, Fall Training, Orientation, and negotiable dates are registration events.


  • Obtain paraprofessional training.
  • Increase skill competencies in problem solving, independence and interdependence, goal orientation, organization, verbal and written communication, and public relations.
  • Gain a better understanding of the college and create professional relationships with faculty and staff.
  • Gain lifelong friendships with fellow Orientation Leaders and new students.
  • Each Orientation Leader will be paid a $200 stipend.