Graduate Clubs

Graduate Clubs

PA Student Society

PA Student Society is for students interested in the career field of a Physician Assistant.  This organization creates different opportunities for students interested in the PA field.

American Library Association Student Chapter (ALA)

The American Library Association focuses on national issues in library and information science. ALA also actively promotes involvement in professional activities, exchanges ideas and information about trends, issues, and opportunities in the profession.  In addition, the organization also assists its members to develop skills for the profession.

St. Kate’s Special Libraries Association Student Group (SLA)

SLA assists members in increasing their awareness and knowledge of the characteristics and scope of the “special library" profession.  SLA offers organizational and leadership opportunities in order to enhance students’ experiences in the MLIS program.  The student group is part of the Minnesota Chapter of the Special Libraries Association, and provides opportunities such as library tours, networking, guest lecturers, and professional development.

Progressive Librarians Guild (PLG)

PLG serves as an open forum for the discussion of progressive issues affecting librarianship.  In addition, PLG is concerned with trends and issues related to professional ethics.  The organization also strives to increase awareness of national and local issues in library and information science.  

Society of American Archivists (SAA)

SAA assists students interested in the archives gain professional experience in preserving and identifying records of enduring value.  Opportunities include creating awareness of the archives field through panel discussions, outreach activities, networking opportunities, and a community partnership program to assist members in gaining experience preserving archives.