The St. Catherine Experience

St. Catherine Experience

At St. Catherine University, we take seriously the idea of asking students to claim — or own — their education. We believe that all students have the potential to achieve more than they think they can. That's why we offer multiple learning opportunities — inside and outside the classroom, near and far, simple and challenging.

Our approach to learning is holistic. The integration of curricular and co-curricular experience is expressed as the St. Catherine Experience.

During your time at St. Kate's, you will realize and benefit from eight themes woven throughout your educational experiences:

  • Scholarship and Excellence
  • Lead and Influence
  • Engagement
  • Liberal Arts and Your Major
  • Social Justice and Spiritual Development
  • Meaningful Mentorship
  • Diversity and Global Perspectives
  • Preparing for the Future

We want you to leave St. Kate's empowered — and more confident than when you arrived.

According to the late author and poet Adrienne Rich, “There is a more essential experience that you owe yourselves….which finally depends on you, in all your interactions with yourself and your world.”

Welcome to the St. Catherine Experience.