The official means of communicating monthly Student Account Billing Statements is the St. Kate's Internet-based system for electronic billing and payments, KatePay. The University does not mail paper bills.

Student account statements are prepared and made available 12 times per year. E-mail notifications are sent to all students and any authorized users once the billing statement is available to view. It is important for students to check their St. Kate's Google email account for these notifications.

Add an Authorized User

In compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), your student records may not be shared with a third party without your written consent.

Adding an authorized user is your written consent that an individual may view your student account information and make payments on your behalf. This does not give the authorized user access to your stored payment methods, academic records or other private information.  

To set up an authorized user, follow these steps:

  • Log onto your KatePay account
  • Click on the Authorized User link                                        
  • Click on Add an Authorized User
  • Insert the authorized user's e-mail address
  • Select "yes" or "no" to the next 3 questions
  • Click Add User