Perkins and Nursing Loan FAQ

Perkins and Nursing Loan FAQ

St. Catherine University is the lender for your Perkins and/or Nursing Student Loans. If you have questions or concerns, your loan is held here at St. Kate's and we will be glad to work with you. Contact us at (651) 690-6858.

St. Catherine partners with  University Accounting Service, LLC (UAS) to administer the Perkins and Nursing Loan Programs. You can contact UAS Borrower Line for questions at (800) 999-6227 or by clicking here.

UAS is our billing servicer. You will receive monthly billing statements for your loan once repayment begins. Checks should be made out to St. Catherine University and sent to: UAS, PO Box 5865, Carol Stream, IL 60197-5865. Include your loan number on your payment to ensure timely processing.

Administration of your loan:

St. Catherine Financial Aid Office:

  • Determines eligibility.
  • Awards the loan.
  • Disburses the loan funds.

St. Catherine Student Accounts Office:

  • Monitors the acceptance of the loan, promissory note signatures and updating of personal and confidential information.
  • Provides the Financial Aid Office a weekly list of borrowers who have completed their entrance counseling and signed their promissory note.
  • Processes deferment and cancellation forms.
  • Performs exit interviews.
  • Maintains the loan through repayment until it is paid in full.

Application of funds to your account: Before your loan funds can be released and applied to your student account, all new loan borrowers must complete their entrance counseling, accept their loan and sign their Master Promissory Note. Promissory notes are signed electronically at the UAS SignMyLoan website (

Each subsequent year you are awarded a loan, you will need to go to the "SignMyLoan" website and accept the award amount, update your references and personal information, and retrieve your disclosure notice before your loan can be disbursed for that academic school year.

Declining the Perkins and/or Nursing Loan: If you wish to decline your Perkins and/or Nursing loan, send an e-mail to Please include your full name, your student I.D. number and a message stating you want to decline your Perkins and/or Nursing loan.

Exit interviews mandatory: A hold will be placed on your Student Account at St. Catherine University until you complete the exit interview for your Perkins and/or Nursing Student Loan or if you default on your loan and it is sent to a collection agency.

No Services will be provided while a hold is on your account, including the release of diplomas and transcripts.

Eligibility questions: To maintain your student enrolled status for your nursing loan, you must remain a nursing major.  For questions about your eligibility for deferment, cancellation, rehabilitation, disability or more, please contact UAS at (800) 999-6227 or St. Kate's at (651) 690-6858 for immediate assistance.

Payment issues: Please don't wait until your loan becomes delinquent to call. Accounts are reported on a monthly basis to the Credit Bureau, and your payment record cannot be fixed retroactively. If you do not submit payments or paperwork in a timely manner, your credit rating could be affected.

Defaults: If you default (fail to pay back your loan), your account will be placed with a professional collection agency for further collection action, which means your loan will be accelerated (made fully due). You would then be responsible for paying all collection and/or legal fees.

Loan Consolidation: Consolidation may be a consideration for some borrowers. Please look at all your Perkins and/or Nursing Benefits on your Master Promissory Note before consolidation so you have a complete understanding of your benefits. If you have additional questions, contact UAS.


Call the St. Catherine Student Accounts Office at (651) 690-6858 or UAS Student Help Line at (800) 999-6227.