Study Abroad Cancelation and Refund Policy

Study Abroad Cancelation and Refund Policy

Once you accept a place in a study abroad course, the program provider makes travel arrangements for you, including expenses such as airfare and hotel accommodations. We must charge you for any non-refundable costs that the travel provider incurs for you. For example, once your name is on an airline ticket, you own that plane ticket. The refund will not be processed until after the term is completed.

Notice of cancelation must be submitted in writing to the Office of Global Studies.

Cancelation Policy

  • If you withdraw up to 100 days before departure, you will receive a full refund of your deposit.
  • If you withdraw 99-60 days before departure, you will forfeit the entire course deposit and any non-refundable costs that have been incurred on your behalf, including airline penalties.
  • If you withdraw less than 60 days before departure, any refund of the program fee is based on recoverable costs only (to be determined by the travel provider). Depending on the date of cancelation, you may be charged for the entire program cost.
  • If cancelation occurs 30 days or less before departure, there will be no refund. Students may be billed for the entire program cost, including the $150 administrative fee, even if their SCU student account has not yet been billed at the time of cancelation.

Call the Office of Global Studies at 651.690.6472 or email them at for additional information.