Add Faculty/Staff Members

Add Faculty/Staff Members

This content type is used for entering/updating faculty or staff members.

Adding a New Faculty/Staff Member

Under "Create New Content" on the site dashboard, select Faculty/Staff. Then fill in the fields as follows. 


Faculty or Staff Name 

Enter full name, as you would like it to appear in the listing.

Last Name, First Name 

Used for alphabetizing list — enter name in last/first format.

Job Title

Job title as you would like listed on the site.

Phone Number 

Type in the office phone number.


Type in the full St. Kate's email address.

People Site URL

If the person has a peeps site, enter the full URL here.


Select the campus that the person primarily works from.


Select which building the person's office is located.

Room Number

Type in the office number.

Listing Order

If the person should be listed at the top of the staff/faculty list, select whether they should be first, second, or third in the list. Otherwise, leave as "Sorted alphabetically."

URL Path Settings

Ensure "generate automatic URL alias" is checked.


Other Settings

Leave all other settings as they are. 

Select Save and the faculty/staff member listing will appear on your site's dashboard. You may select the facutly/staff member here to make any further edits.


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