Create a New Page (Public or Private)

Create a New Page (Public or Private)

The New Public Page type is a typical static page of a site. Most new pages should fit this category.

The New Private Page type is the same as the New Public Page type, except the private page will only be visible to users who are logged in (St. Kate's community members).

Creating a New Page

From the Site Dashboard, click on "New Public Page" (or New Private Page) under Create New Content.



Give the page a title.

URL Alias

In "URL alias" put the URL you would like to have for this page. Note that if there are spaces, use a dash (-) between them (i.e. about-center).



Put your content here.


Top Image

Top image should only be used by the Web team. The images uploaded must be exactly 830px by 320px and will be the top image on the page. Webmoms should not add these images to the page.

URL Path Settings

Make sure "generate automatic URL alias" is checked.


Publishing Options

Keep as draft if not ready, or switch to publish to make the page live.