Create a Site Homepage

Create a Site Homepage

The site homepage is essentially the same as a new public page, but with a few different fields. It's intended for use as the front page of each site, and can only be created by administrators, not webmoms.

Creating a New Site Homepage

From the Site Dashboard, click on "Site Homepage" under Create new content.



Give the page a title.

URL Alias

In "URL alias" put the URL "home" (this is necessary for some display functionality to work properly on the home pages.


Home Page Image

The images uploaded must be exactly 830px by 320px and will be the top image on the page.


Put your content here.

Home Navigation Image

Ignore this for now ... the functionality isn't there, but it may be used to add a visual element to pages that are part of a specific section of the site (i.e. undergrad, grad).

URL Path Settings

Make sure "generate automatic URL alias" is checked.


Publishing Options

Keep as draft if not ready, or switch to publish to make the page live.