Create a Web Admin Announcement

Create a Web Admin Announcement

This page type is identical to the public/private articles in structure. It is used to create documentation, announcements, or any messaging to be seen by all system web admins. The announcement will show up in the left navigation of the site dashboard for web admins. The functionality has not yet been tested, so the first time a web admin announcement is created, we will need to verify it functions as designed.

Create a Web Admin Announcement

In the bottom navigation menu, click on "Add Content," then scroll down to  "Web Admin Announcement."




Give the page a title.

URL Alias

In "URL alias" put the URL you would like to have for this page. Note that if there are spaces, use a dash (-) between them (i.e. about-center).




Put your content here.

URL Path Settings

Make sure "generate automatic URL alias" is checked.



Publishing Options

When you click save an email will be sent to all web admins, even if you don't select publish. If you want to preview your changes before going live, you'll need to work in a dev environment.