Create a New Group

Create a New Group

Think of a Group as a site. So, if a department or office has a specific service they want to offer that doesn't quite fit into their main site, it may be best to create a separate site for them. To do this, you would create a second Group.

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. In the Navigation menu at the bottom of the page, click Add content.
  3. On the Add Content page, click Group.
  4. Enter Title for Group/Site. This title will actually be the desired URL for the site (i.e. Abigail Quigley McCarthy Center for Women = center-for-women).
    • Note that the group Title CANNOT include the word faculty or staff. If a site will have either in the name, use a shortened version, such as "fac" or similar. Whenever the system sees either "faculty" or "staff" in the URL, it will display the page as a list of faculty/staff for a group, which can break the site. 


  5. Check "Enable menu for this group."
  6. Ensure Group Visibility is set to public.
  7. Under Groups audience, select the group that this new site should be a member of (university-level, undergrad, grad, associate, EWO). The site will be themed based on whether it is a university-level site or a member of a college-level site.
  8. Ensure Group Content Visibility is set to "Public - accessible to all site users."
  9. Ensure Groups theme is set to appropriate theme. For university-level sites, select "St. Kate's Base Theme." For associate, EWO, and grad sites, please select the corresponding theme: "associate," "EWO," or "grad."
  10. At the bottom of the page, there will be a set of tabs/settings. Click on URL  path settings.
  11. Ensure "Generate automatic URL alias" is checked.
  12. All other settings in that bottom section can be left alone for Group creation.
  13. Save page.
  14. You will be taken to your new Group’s/Site dashboard. (Your new group/site will also appear on your “User Dashboard” under “Recent Content “and under “All Sites.”)
  15. Important step: Click back in to edit the group and recheck "generate automatic URL alias"--for some reason, doesn't seem to be carrying through. To do this: On your new group/site’s dashboard click to the “edit” tab at the top, then scroll to the bottom and doublecheck "generate automatic URL alias." Then click Save.

Note: If you ever need to delete a group, the following steps must be done by a full admin (Steph or Derik). It seemed too dangerous to leave a button that could delete a whole site on the group page

  1. In admin menu, click Content
  2. In the filter, select "Group" in the dropdown menu
  3. Put a check mark in the box next to the appropriate group
  4. Under Update Options, select "Delete selected content" in the dropdown and click Update