Group/Site Menus

Group/Site Menus

Create a public menu (main site navigation)

You must create the pages that the menu will link to prior to creating the menu. Adding links to a menu requires you to provide URLs for the pages, so if a page is not created yet, you cannot create the menu item for it.

I find the best way to accomplish the following steps is to open a second tab in your browser and navigate to the group. This way, you can copy and paste the page URLs easily into the menu items as you add them.

  1. Log in to
  2. From the admin home page, you should see "All Sites" in the center of the page.
  3. Click on the site/group you would like to create the menu for.
  4. In the administrative tabs at the top of the site/group's dashboard, click Menus.
  5. Click Add menu. 
  6. Give the menu a title and if desired, a description. 
  7. Back on the menu page, locate your menu and click "add link" under Menu Link.menu_4.png
  8. Add the URL of the page into the Path text box. Do not put the full path--only the group URL and the page URL (i.e. aa-teaching-advising/home). Omit the "" and do not put a slash (/) to begin the link. CHANGED as of April 2013: Put the full path, including NOTE: The page MUST be published prior to adding it to the menu. If the site is not being linked to from elsewhere, it should not be an issue to publish the page here. If it is not published, the link will not appear in the menu after you save.
  9. If desired, add a description of the link, which will appear to users if they hover over a link (it goes in the title tag of the link: <a title="">) 
  10. Make sure the Enabled checkbox is checked or your menu item won't appear. 
  11. If this menu item will have child menu items (submenu items), click the checkbox for "Show as Expanded" 
  12. If this menu item is a child item, select the menu item that it should appear under in the "Parent Link" dropdown. Otherwise, leave it at the default, which is the menu root/top level. 
  13. You may leave "weight" blank as there is an interface in which you can drag and drop links into their appropriate locations on another screen. 
  14. Click save. 
  15. You will be kicked back to the Menu page for the group. Repeat the above process until you have all the menu items added.
  16. When all items have been added using the process above, this menu page can be used to order the menu items via drag and drop (using the plus symbols that appear next to the menu. item titles). 
  17. When the menu is ordered appropriately, click "Save configuration." 

Create a private menu

The menu title is the key identifier in determining which is the public and which is the private menu. Therefore, naming the menus is very important. The first menu for a group is the public menu, the second menu is the private menu, and these are ordered alphabetically by the system. The private menu should then be give the same name as the public menu, but with the addition of "Private Menu" to the title (i.e. CATIE Center Private Menu).


Note: The menus display in alphabetical order (limitation of the site menu module). This is why it's critical that the private menu be given the same name as the public with the addition of "Private Menu." The title of the private menu will not be displayed.

Once your menu is titled appropriately, creating links uses the exact same process as listed above in the instructions for creating a public menu. The difference is that the content you will place in here will be private pages rather than public ones.