Add Content

Add Content

There are several types of content available within the site. Some types of content can be updated by web admins. Others must be done by an administrator. 

Web Admin and Admin Access

New Public Page

This page type is a typical static page of a site. Most new pages should fit this category.

New Private Page

This page type is a typical status page of a site, except the private page will only be visible to users who are logged in (St. Kate's community members).

Public Article

This page type should be used for content that does not fit into the core navigation of a site, such as announcements or articles.

Private Article

This page type is the same as a public article, except that it is private and only visible to users who are logged in.

Faculty/Staff Member

This content type is used for entering/updating faculty or staff members.

Faculty/Staff List Page

Once you create faculty/staff for a site, a page must be created to populate a list with their information.

All Featured Content List Page

Once you have articles and/or announcements on the site, only the top 3 for public and private articles will appear in the left nav. Use this all Featured Content List Page to create a page that pulls in all of the articles for the group.




Admin Access Only

Contact Information

This content type holds the contact information for each group/site.

Documentation (aka Books)

The documentation page type is used for documentation/manuals. The page you are reading right now is a documentation page from the Book "Drupal How To for Administrators" that I've created. This is the format you will use to create documentation for web admins. A book can be viewed easily like a manual online, but can also be printed in its entirety following the outline of the online structure.


Groups are the content type that basically separate the sub-sites of the St. Kate's Drupal site. If a department or office needs a website, you would create a group for them, and that group would be their site. Some offices/departments may need two groups/sites if they offer a separate service that doesn't fit naturally into the site map of their office/department site.

Site Homepage

The site homepage is essentially the same as a new public page, but with a few different fields. It's intended for use as the front page of each site, and can only be created by administrators, not web admins.

Web Admin Announcement

This page type is identical to the public/private articles in structure. It is used to create documentation, announcements, or any messaging to be seen by all system web admins.