Content Moderation

Content Moderation

The system is set up so that no web admins can actually publish their own content without it going through a review process. Once they are ready, they can submit their pages for review. We (web admin coordinators) can review their changes and either publish them, or send them back to draft mode with a note about what they need to change on the page before it can be published.

Web Admin

  • While a we admin is working on a page, they can save it as a "Draft" until they're ready to submit it for review. (This is default behavior, so they wouldn't have to change anything.)
  • When they're ready to submit their work for review, they can choose "Needs Review" under Publishing options --> Moderation state.
  • This will trigger the page to show up on the admin home page of items needing review. It will also send an email to indicating the page is in review.
  • Web admins should use the "Moderation notes" section to provide a brief description of the changes that have been made to the page that needs review.


  • Choose page
    • Administrators can either click on the page link in the email that is sent to, or can view the admin user dashboard to find pages that need review.
  • Moderate Page

    • Once on a page, click the "moderate" tab.


  • Draft Versions and Compare

    • You will see a list of all versions of the page from the most recent to the first. If you'd like to view the changes that were made in that last revision, click "Compare revisions" on the right side of the page.

      Select the two versions you'd like to compare on the next page and click "Compare".


  • Revise, Publish, or Keep as Draft

    • When you're done viewing the changes, click "Revisions" under the Moderate tab to go back to the moderation page.
      At this point, you have the option to return the page for revisions or publish it.

Return for Revision

  • If you would like to return the page to the web admin for further revisions, click "edit draft" from the tabs.
  • Under "Publishing Options" at the bottom of the page, enter your notes for what should still be modified under "Moderation notes". 
  • Change "Moderation state" to "Draft" and save.
  • The system will send an email to the web admin with the notes you made, asking them to make changes. They can then modify the draft and resubmit it for publishing when complete.

After Moderation (Are you trapped?)

  • After you have completed your moderation action, you must return to the site to access the navigation to continue to your next task. 
  • Click View Draft — Select View Draft in the tabs at the top OR under "Revision Actions" to view a version of your page. Here you can find the navigation options.