Bachelor Degree (Day)

Bachelor Degree (Day)

Come to St. Kate's. You'll be on your way to realizing your dreams.

St. Kate's has redefined "college student" to include all women — from transfer students to resuming students to those who are pursuing second degrees. After all, the important thing isn't when or where you begin your education, it's finding the right college to help you achieve your goals.

Quick Facts About St. Kate's

St. Kate’s is a great place to complete your college education. Here's why:

  • Our students are 17 to 77 years old, and come from 29 states and 30 countries.
  • Around 200 students transfer to St. Kate’s each fall.
  • Get credit for what you know. What courses can you transfer? See the course equivalency tool.
  • We have an unwavering commitment to social justice, diversity, faith and the development of ethical, effective leaders.
  • You can choose from nearly 60 undergraduate majors, and we have minors in almost every area.
  • Our partnership with the Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities (ACTC), a consortium of five private local colleges, means an ADDITIONAL 35-plus majors just for you.
  • Our St. Paul campus is home to a four-year, liberal arts college for women, a weekend/evening/online program for women, and several graduate programs offered to both men and women.
  • •Our baccalaureate curriculum emphasizes the arts, sciences and humanities, but includes rigorous programs in business, health care and human service.
  • On-campus housing is available to new transfer students.

For more information, contact your admission counselor.