How to Review the 2020 Vision Strategic Plan



How to Review the 2020 Vision Strategic Plan

If you’re a “just give me the overall picture, I’m a ‘big picture’ type person,” read the Executive Summary (Section 2); look over the Vision and Mission (end of Section 3); review the Strategic Directions (Section 5-2); read Section 6 to get an idea of where we are headed, especially the last page that shows the integration of the 2009-2013 metrics with the 2020 Destination metrics. Take a look at Section 11 as well.

If you like details and numbers, or just can’t get enough of St. Catherine University, read everything, including materials not available online.

If you’re someone who thinks about “how St. Catherine University plays in the wider world,” make sure to read the contextual essay (Section 4).

If you are someone who wants to know how, when and why every “i is dotted and “t” is crossed, be prepared to be frustrated. This is a dynamic and working plan – expect adaptive change as we move forward. A Plan that is perfectly articulated, prioritized and packaged may not be a very good one.

If you are wondering how we plan to “deal with the inevitable financial gaps,” please remember that we have structured the forecast specifically in order to highlight those gaps. We have successfully addressed gaps in the past and we will do so again. They are, in the view of the planners, challenges, not show-stoppers.

Best Advice – read through with the frame of mind that is most proper to understanding a plan for a complex, changing organization; that is, focus on the big questions:

  1. Is this plan desirable, that is, will it take us in the direction of fulfilling our vision and mission? Will we be more and better of ‘who’ and ‘what’ we want St. Catherine University to be when we finish the 2020 Vision in ten years, and this first segment of the plan in 2013?
  2. Is this plan feasible, that is, does it present a plausible and effective way to attain the plan’s broad goals? Can we imagine ways in which we might shrink, minimize, or work our way through or around the “gaps?”