Content Moderation

Content Moderation

Wh​ile a web admin is working on a page, it should be saved as a "Draft" until it is ready to be submitted for "Publication Review."

Submitting for review for publishing

When the page is ready to be published, there are two ways to send it in for review.  

1. At the bottom of the Edit page, go to Revision Information: Moderation state, and set it to "Publication Review," then save. (Some web admins will see an option to submit for Content Review.)


2. At the top of the View Draft page, go to the Moderate tab, select "Publication Review" from the drop-down box, and click "Apply." 


Either of these actions will trigger the page to to be sent to MarComm for review. (If you've submitted for Content Review, this will send to your Moderator in your department.)

Using Moderation Notes

Web admins should use the "Revision log message" section to provide a brief description of the changes that have been made to the page that needs review, or to let the web team know of any issues you're having with the page.

Publishing pages

Once the web admin has prompted a page for review, MarComm will review the page for web best practices and formatting then publish it or return it for revision. 

If MarComm sends the page back for revision, an email will be sent to the web admin with notes on what should be revised. Web admins can then make changes and send the page back to publication review.