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The Program +

WIP Mission

The WIP Faculty Advisory Committee of SCU represents faculty teaching in the colleges and schools located on both the Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses.  The Advisory Committee works to ensure that SCU faculty across the curriculum prepare their students to graduate with excellent written communication and critical thinking skills needed to achieve success in their professional and personal lives.

WIP Goal

To facilitate effective writing instruction, WIP aims to assist faculty in cultivating a positive learning environment that inspires, encourages, and challenges students to develop as writers and to achieve excellent writing skills across the curriculum.

WIP Objective

To help their students to develop as writers and to achieve excellent writing skills across the curriculum, faculty will engage their students in an intentional writing process of pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, and documenting sources correctly.

WIP and St. Kate’s Liberal Arts Goals

To foster student development in writing, WIP strives to meet the following liberal arts goals in all writing intensive courses:

  • Critical and Creative Inquiry
  • Effective Communication
  • To read, view, and listen with understanding and critical discernment
  • To improve listening, presentation and discussion skills
  • To effectively communicate ideas through writing to various audiences

Program Overview

  • 78 WI-designated courses across the curriculum, ranging form Accounting to Women's Studies
  • 4 departments offering a writing-across-the-curriculum program of study
  • Required use of the current writing text, The Bedford Handbook, 8thEdition, 2010, in writing instruction
  • WIP Director offers ongoing faculty development workshops in writing instruction, and provides individual faculty members, departments, schools, and colleges with technical assistance.
  • Each semester, subcommittees of the Advisory Committee meet to conduct WIP course proposal review according to established WIP Criteria.
  • At least once an academic year, WIP Director and the Advisory Committee meet to discuss best practices and assessment strategies, to review and make policy, and to monitor achievement of WIP's mission, goal, and objective, and the applicable SCU's liberal arts goals.

WIP Structure and Advisory Committee

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