Internships and Research



Internships and Research

St. Kate's has an active career development office, a strong alumnae network and expert faculty to help you find internships.

St. Kate's students held diverse internships locally and globally at:

  • publishing houses
  • women's shelters
  • small businesses
  • fair-trade organizations

Recent internship sites include:

  • Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
  • Jane Addams School for Democracy and Citizenship
  • Casa de Esperanza
  • Women's Prison Book Project
  • African American Family Alliance
  • Resource Center of the Americas

Research opportunities include:

  • Senior Seminar

Conduct independent research that incorporates feminist theory and other areas that interest you, then share your findings in University presentations. Student Kathy Blegen-Huntley, for example, studied "The Intersection of Domestic Violence and Homelessness."

  • Antonian Scholars Honors Program

Antonian Scholars complete a project as the final step in St. Kate's rigorous honors program. These include plays, website development and research papers.

AMP pairs juniors and seniors with faculty or staff mentors on specific projects. Student Hannah Meacock evaluated the diversity content of two St. Kate's courses with Professor Nancy Heitzeg.

  • ACTC Women's Studies Student Conference

St. Kate's woman studies majors are regularly invited to participate in this annual event. Heather Robinson, for example, spoke about "Partnering to Eradicate Sexual Trafficking in Minnesota;" Nee Na Xiong, Xy Xiong and Natah Vang led a discussion on "Hmong Women Students' Self-Identity."