The women's studies major is an interdisciplinary major, meaning many of the course requirements for the major are selected from multiple academic departments.


This course is required of all women's studies majors and minors; it is available each semester on at least one consortial campus. This multidisciplinary course is designed to raise your awareness of women's issues and women's diversity; to help you learn to critically examine disciplines and social practices through the lens of feminist theory; to recover past achievements of women and survey the work that women now do; to expand your perspectives; and to provide a basis for critical evaluation of future learning.

FEMINIST THEORY (4 credits)​

This class is required for all women's studies majors and minors; also open to non-majors. This interdisciplinary feminist theory course is designed as a mid-level course to serve as a bridge between WOST 2050 and WOST 4850. The content of the course focuses on theorizing around the multiple differences of gender, race, ethnicity, class and sexuality as they are arranged and experienced in the United States. As an interdisciplinary course, it provides an overview of historical and ideological trends in feminist thought around these differences. Offered in alternate years. Prerequisites: WOST 2050.

INTERNSHIP (2 or 4 credits)

Consult campus coordinator. Prerequisites: Instructor and coordinator approval.

SENIOR SEMINAR (4 credits)

This capstone course offers you the opportunity for independent research and presentations incorporating feminist theory, focusing on an area of your interest. The seminar is available each year on one of the consortial campuses. Prerequisites: WOST 2050; WOST 3640 or PHIL 3900.

INDEPENDENT STUDY (2 or 4 credits)

Consult campus coordinator. Prerequisites: Instructor and coordinator approval.

TOPICS (4 credits)

The subject matter of the course is announced in the annual schedule of classes. Content varies from year to year but does not duplicate existing courses. Consult campus coordinator.