Major: Women's Studies



Major: Women's Studies

St. Kate's women's studies major deepens your understanding of cultural diversity and explores women's experiences past and present, nationally and globally.

You can earn a Bachelor of Arts with this major.

Upon admission, you will work with an advisor to tailor the courses to your interests.

Required Courses 

The following women's studies courses are required:

  • WOST 2050: Foundations in Women’s Studies
  • WOST 3640: Feminist Theory or PHIL 3900: Feminist Philosophy
  • WOST 4604: Internship
  • WOST 4850: Senior Seminar


Electives, three of which must be upper-division courses, include:

  • Two courses cross-listed in arts and humanities
  • Two courses cross-listed in social sciences and sciences
  • One course with a race/ethnicity component
  • One elective cross-listed with any department and WOST

All of the courses are listed under both the home department and WOST. They should be taken under the WOST department designation.

Writing requiremen​ts

Women’s studies majors satisfy the Writing Requirement for Majors by completing WOST WOST 2050: Foundations in Women’s Studies and WOST 4850: Senior Seminar. You complete the Liberal Arts and Sciences Core Writing Requirement with two other writing-intensive courses (CORE 1000: The Reflective Woman and CORE 3990: Global Search for Justice).